Conceptual Design & Testing

3D scanning technology allows Cirrus Designs to provide our clients with the capability to take a real-life object, create an accurate model out of it, and perform various types of design testing, such as finite element analysis, aerodynamic testing and fluid testing.


Cirrus Design in partnership with Belgian AirShaper, the online aerodynamics platform is offering virtual aerodynamics services as the integral part of his design and development process. By extending expertise in this area, we can further improve the performance of our designs.

Effortlessly check and improve your aerodynamic design.

This is how it works: Upload your geometry file, determine the desired wind or flow velocity and start the flow calculation at the push of a button. At best after a few hours, you will be informed by e-mail of the end of the calculation and will receive a detailed result report with values for drag and lift as well as the aerodynamic moments. Furthermore, the drag coefficient and the required power are determined. Pictures show 3D pressure clouds, surface pressures, surface friction and streamlines, which identify aerodynamically critical areas and provide indications of possible optimization.


  • Compare concept designs
  • Basic 3D Model
  • Full PDF-report
  • Accuracy in order-of-magnitude
  • No expert consultation included
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  • Compare detailed designs
  • Detailed 3D Model
  • Full PDF-report
  • Immediate accuracy
  • Expert contact (30 minutes)
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  • Tweak final designs
  • Pre-production 3D Model
  • Full PDF-report
  • High Accuracy
  • Expert contact (60 minutes)
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3D scan of jet boat

3D model of jet boat

Aerodynamic testing