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Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC)

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Architectural Engineering Construction is a multi-disciplinary approach to the planning, design, construction and operation of a building. 3D scanning plays an integral role in the architecture, engineering and construction field, providing data that’s useful for customers whether they are planning new work or updating existing projects.

Cirrus Design helps our clients reduce file space consumption and offer optimized design services, with fast scan times that create detailed 3D point cloud information. Our web interface technology means it’s easy for our clients to access their scans. And our ability to add tags, hyperlinks and rich text to three-dimensional scans allows for clear jobsite communication.

Digital scans can be used for site verification throughout the build process. During pre-build, 3D scans can ensure that all parts of the structure and installations will be completed according to plan, through post-build, when documentation allows our clients to see how every piece of future equipment will be laid out.

Cirrus Design Offers:

  • Architectural Existing Conditions

  • Remodel Existing Conditions