Cirrus Design Website Sitemap

  • Cirrus Design Home - Our experience with professional 3D scanning industrial power plants, architectural engineering and 3D printing services

  • 3D Scanning - 3D Scanning produces what is known as a point cloud, or a set of data points created by measuring many points on the external surface of an existing object

    • Industrial Plants - 3D scanning technology offers a powerful and effective means to gather existing conditions, which includes machine locations, piping, equipment and existing building structure

    • Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) - multi-disciplinary approach to the planning, design, construction and operation of a building

    • Real Estate - Three-dimensional scanning technology has revolutionized the real estate industry, providing true immersive 3D virtual walkthroughs

    • Reverse Engineering - The use of our technology and capabilities has helped our clients reverse engineer machinery wear items and parts with complex geometry, such as turbines, bearings and scroll cases
  • About Cirrus Design - Our design process is rooted in three-dimensional design and drafting using programs like AutoCAD, Solidworks, or Inventor, depending on the needs of our clients

  • UAV Inspections - Cirrus Design helps turn our clients’ designs into reality. We provide comprehensive design engineering services in the mechanical, electrical and structural fields

  • Contact Cirrus Design - Contact Cirrus Design Industrial 3D scanning, 3D printing, mechanical engineering services and more