3D Scanning

3D Scanning produces what is known as a point cloud, or a set of data points created by measuring many points on the external surface of an existing object.

We use multiple products and technologies, including scanners from industry leaders like Matterport and Faro. We can take precise measurements from the field that can be viewed from the comfort of your office. We use AutoCAD, Autodesk Recap, Inventor and Solidworks, and our accurate scanned measurements can be turned into detailed shop drawings.

Industrial Plants

Our 3D scanning technology offers a powerful and effective means to accurately map and plan as-built manufacturing facilities and industrial projects, helping our clients avoid problems and find solutions ahead of the construction phase.


Arch Eng Const (AEC)

We help our clients reduce file space consumption and offer optimized design services, with fast scan times that create detailed 3D point cloud information.


Real Estate

Three-dimensional scanning technology has revolutionized the real estate industry. Today’s high-tech 3D scanners are capable of producing digital scans of virtually any building.


Reverse Engineering

Cirrus Design can help your company reverse engineer a product, converting a point cloud into a 3D model.